You demand too much. You want an extravagant kind of love. You put your standards too high that you fail to see real love even when it’s already staring at you in the face.

You want someone to think your laugh is the best sound in the world. You want someone to be a mighty lover, be the damn sweetest person ever. You want someone to think you were perfect. You want someone to adore you. But have you thought, did you deserve that kind of love? Have you thought that you were asking for a bit too much?

Ask for someone who accepts you. Someone who’s not going to be too keen with your morning breath but be okay with it because you both have those. Someone who’s gonna think your laugh’s an octave too high but still make you laugh because your happiness makes up for it. Someone who won’t think you were perfect and flawless but accept and love every fat, every pimple, ever scar and every flaw you had. Someone who would tolerate or even control your morning grumpiness, someone who would not lavish you too much with material things and remind you of what’s more important. Someone who may be seldomly sweet but never neglect to care. Someone who thinks of the future and not only now. Someone who adores you and wants to have a future with you.

Love isn’t all about romanceโ€”though it’s a vital part. Love is about finding a flawed soul like you and pick up each other’s imperfect pieces. Love is accepting these imperfections and living with them. Love is what you make of it.


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