Thank you.

I am a huge noob here in the blogging world, I merely use this as an outlet, just somewhere I put all my thoughts because they’re all getting too cramped in my head. Surprisingly for me, people actually do like the things I post and that made me curious, who are these people and how did they found me? (Tags, probably.)

Here comes Em. She had, a few months ago, started following me and liking the things I post–which are really appreciated, by the way–taking us to my latest blog post: this.

Basically it’s about my internal struggles and depressive thoughts. Em commented (is it right that I call you Em? Is that really your name?) something that really made me smile and made me feel a whole lot better.

Basically this post is a little thank you thing to Em and well, an explanation why I always post such depressive stuff.

It wasn’t just a poem, yes. But some kind of vent art (poetry is an art yeah?) whenever I feel down and on the brink, I write every dark thought in my mind and just let out all the disappointment I have for myself, all the hatred, the insecurity, the pain. I take it out of my system and pour it out as poetry–or what I make it to be.

I write so I wouldn’t do it. I write so I would stop. I write so I would be stronger.

I’ve gone to realize how much love I receive every day, from my friends, my family and the people who really care. I’ve gone to accept that the world will be almost always against me and the reason I have these people around me is because they’re here to help me get by.

And well, look at that, turns out, there are people who care here, too! How awesome is that?

Thank you so much to everyone who just spread love and positivity and friendship, the worldwide web and the physical, real world, needs more of you beautiful people. Thanks.


1 thought on “Thank you.”

  1. I’ve started to write a sentence, then deleted it, then started again and again deleted it, because I’m not sure what to say. You’re thankful to me, but I’m so thankful to you too. I just want to thank you so much for this beautiful post. I’ll always be here and will never EVER give up spreading positivity and love. What is life without both those things? Nothing, because we’d all be lost.


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