‘i have no one’

every time he says
‘i have no one’
she starts to fade

for she was always there
fixing him up,
picking up the pieces and
trying to prevent him
from shattering
his own self again

yet still, he claims
‘i have no one’

there goes her heart,
falling down with
a deafening sound

the sound of raw anguish
the sound of another
part of her dying

‘i have no one’
he screams

and the words slap her
clean across the face
erasing another half
of her existence

he repeated the words,
until she faded to nothing
he disregarded her love
until her pain was numbing

and soon enough,
his words rang the truth
for she had faded into oblivion

‘i have no one’
yes, oh darling, you do


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