sometimes she’s the past;
a lingering aftertaste of
the wine you had yesterday,
a flashback of emotions
you felt when you drowned as a kid,
a familiar smell
you never could describe.

sometimes she’s the present,
full of spontaneity,
shallow breaths and quick heartbeats,
she bursts with life
and carries around a vibrant aura,
she lights up a room
and gets it on its feet.

she’d be vintage
then modern in a second;
she walks as though
she came from an era
where women wore dresses
and were lacking
the right to suffrageโ€”
with so much finesse,
an air of royalty,
but she talks with sheer determination
that oozes in her every word

her elegance is fit
for the era of monarches;
she was a perfect example
of an heiress to a kingdom
but her ferocity
was of a modern woman,
she’s not scared of anything;
she wields her own sword of freedom

she was the past and the present
all at the same time;
she will turn your peaceful world into a haze,
with her old-fashioned passion
and her new-worldly blaze



photo from unknown


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