fall on your knees
and tell me you’re sorry,
sounds like an order
but it’s more like a plea

regret what you did
and tell me you’ll change,
promise me your heart
and all the blood in your veins

erase her name, her kisses,
and her touch from your memory,
and i would try to forget this,
this painful infidelity.

you fell on your knees
and said that you’re sorry,
hope blooms in my heart and i looked at you,
my eyes bloodshot and teary

you told me you regret things
and i waited for you to say,
that her name is gone
but i crumbled when instead you say

you regret not telling me
how you wanted us over long ago
and that you were sorry i had to find out this wayโ€”
from somebody else, from a photo

i fell on my knees
and uttered, ‘i’m sorry’
for my love has failed
to keep you beside me

my heart also collapsed
from my chest to the ground,
i watched it as it shattered
with a deafening sound

i asked you to go,
now that i know we’re over,
and i imagine you erasing
my name and our forever



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