i have witnessed many things,
having lived for eighteen years,
observing, watching, spectating,
i’ve seen things that brought me to tears

i have watched the sun kiss the horizon
and emerge from it the next morning.
i have seen the ocean claim the land,
with waves as high as the skyscrapers around
i have seen mountains crumble,
i’ve seen forests leveled
i have witnessed childbirth—the very miracle of man

but if i was to be asked what was it that most awed me,
i wouldn’t have to think twice, i’d answer automatically,
that the most breathtaking thing i have witnessed,
is how your eyes lit up when you saw those things

eyes bright, your breaths shallow,
you adore the earth’s wonders,
while i stand silently in the shadows,
taking in, adoring your wonder


artwork from thisivyhouse on tumblr


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