for when you feel nothing

Read this when you feel nothing.
And by nothing, I mean everything at once.
When the walls you’ve slowly built around your fragile heart have been bombarded yet again by the painful words.
When you thought you were strong enough to just ignore them, but still, the walls crumble, still, the walls couldn’t shield you, couldn’t protect you. Instead, it was the walls crowding in and suffocating you.
When your throat clogs down not only your voice but also your breath; every attempt to inhale is a huge obstacle, takes up a herculean effort.
When you feel like your head is blowing up, the thoughts are getting tangled, creating mayhem inside your mind; your train of thought chugging around aimlessly and helplessly.
It’s okay.
Everything’s okay.
We’re alive and as much as that fact makes you want to not live right now, you’re alive, and you’re fine.
Everything’s falling apart. You’re sitting there with your whole world crumbling and that’s okay.
We fall a lot of times. We stumble and make mistakes.
Life’s a fucking bitch, I know.
But you’ll get by.
Just hold on, even just for a little while longer, for me, for everyone else feeling the same way you do right now.
Hold on, and let the fates bring the dawn to your darkest hour.
Wait for the dawn.
Feel everything and then feel nothing.
Resurrect yourself.
Rise up from the ashes of the fire that burnt you and feel it revitalize you.
Be reborn.
Be stronger.
You are loved.
By the universe. By nature. By your surroundings.
Feel the air against your skin. Feel every fucking sensation there is.
Drink it in.
And then, only then, you’ll be able to carry on.

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