Serigrafia MNL

I’ve always been a bit skeptical about online shops. I don’t easily trust them, always hesitant to hand over cash for something I’m not sure will be delivered to my doorstep. I’ve always considered all of them bogus, thinking that the pictures online don’t appear as they do in real life.

And also, being a choosy shopper, one that takes into consideration the quality of cloth used, the functionality of it, durability of materials, it’s rather hard to buy online, just looking at pictures and not seeing, holding and inspecting products personally.

But that skepticism was soon gone after acquiring a 5SOS drawstring bag from Serigrafia MNL (acquired because I won it in some sort of contest/game). I instantly fell in love with it, the quality of its cloth, its print, functionality and durability.

I used it everywhere, for school, for when I’m going out and about. It isn’t too grand for a day out, isn’t too bland for a school day, all the while having a sense of style and functionality that matters. I’ve been so in love with their products which is why as of today I have two drawstring bags from Serigrafia already and even got one for my sister.

I also have one tote bag from their collection that was designed by a friend. This is why I loved them more! They collaborate with young artists and help them put their art into life by printing them on bags and getting the word out for these artists! What a way to showcase their talent, aye?

The one I got for my sister is from their kiddie drawstring collection. A bright pink one full of circles in different shades of the color, and I’m pretty sure she’ll love the design—she always loved pink. As for the quality, Serigrafia has again proved itself a trustworthy online shop that gives you more than what you paid for. The quality of their products exceeds my expectations and I’ve always been more than just satisfied.

To more high quality products from Serigrafia! Happy Anniversary to them! Check their awesome and affordable products now!

Twitter / IG / FB: @SerigrafiaMNL



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