the many facets of one hello

the many facets of one hello:

with a smile brighter than the sunrise itself, waiting to be answered with one as breathtaking as the sunset.

already dreading the end. for a hello constitutes to the existence of a goodbye.

for is it right to say hello to you still?

with the familiarity already in our eyes, the taste of your skin still in my lips, why is our hello one like strangers?

a shot in the dark. a cry for help, for love, for a chance to save what could be saved.

the many facets one hello.

a reflection of a swirl of emotions, a complex mix of indistinguishable what ifs, what should’ves, and what coulds.


that’s just one word—darling, i have a million more here just waiting to be said, more eternities of emotions on the verge of materialization.

will you hear me out?

– s.c.m.

photo from favim


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