the similarities of you and time

you are like the present in the past.

a distant memory
that’s unfolding in front of me,
images that were once in monochrome,
now in colorful tapestry.
your kisses are only sensations,
your touch only aftershocks.

you are like the future in the now.

a collection of tomorrows;
a revelation,
a phenomenon explained
even before it is born.
your eyes show me undiscovered wonders,
your lips bring emotions yet to be named.

you are like the past in the hands of tomorrow.

polar opposites, the above and below
the impossibility, like a desert covered in snow.
a newborn held by the man he grows up to be.
an unborn conceived in the womb of her own body.
two heartbeats in one steady rhythm;
a single soul in two bodies, disrupting equilibrium.
your words are chaos to the order in my mind.
your embrace is the storm to the peace of my longing sighs.

you are like the present in the past,
the future in the now,
the past in tomorrow,
overlapping whens and hows.

you are yesterday, today and tomorrow
in a different timeline, a different order
and i can’t ever seem to catch you at all.


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