the escape that is music

If there is one thing I can be completely proud of, wherever I am, whatever the circumstances are…

It would be my music.

Nothing can stop me from forcing you to listen to music I listen to and hope that you love it the way I do because music is something more than just sounds and melodies to me. Yeah,ย forcing.ย I get that annoying, really.

Music is a language spoken by anyone, conveying hundreds of messages with each beat, each line and each note. For someone like me, it’s been always that and so much more. There are things we are only able to feel with music. Things we can only say through a soulful ballad. Things you can only forget through falling into the sound of an 80s alternative track.

And today, I present to you, my masterpiece. The treasures of my soul, the songs that keep me sane.

Most of the songs are probably indie by nature because that’s the kind of genre where I feel at ease the most. Either really indie, or really emotionally heavy. I’d love it if you give it a listen and hopefully love the songs in there because those songs speak to me to an unbelievable extent.

Just click thisย PLAYLIST. ย It will open a new tab and you can start listening there.

Hit me up anytime if you have some recommendations and comments on the songs you hear! I’ll be waiting!

all the stars, semi


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