a sip of peace

This is something I’ve written about one too many times.

Yet as I tell myself that this is overused, a topic already discussed, my fingers always type it out anyway for the sake of occasionally realizing, I guess, just how much it means to me.

Most of the time, my mind is in chaos. Disorder, clutter, mess. You would think this is a step too far, an exaggeration for just a silly beverage, but I tend to go crazy over my own words—I devote my words into the things I like.


For me it is a whole lot of things in a cup, in liquid form. Happiness in a cup? Sometimes. Home in a cup? Maybe, but I am almost never homesick. Serenity in a cup? Yes, most of the time.

A sip of coffee is a sip of peace to me.

The never-ending storm in my head subsides even for just a little while and allows the sun to shine in the darkest corners of my mind. A ceasefire among the thoughts fighting over control, over my attention.

More so than I would admit, that momentary peace is what gets me through the grueling process of life—something that makes me look forward to the hours. Something that jolts my senses and sends the thoughts I’ve had trouble organizing into one clean line of thought.

Ah, caffeine. I’ve written way too many odes to pay homage to you. Thinking about it, though, you deserve every bit of it—you keep me alive as much as my heartbeats do.

There is always that one satisfying ‘aaaah’ I do every time I sip newly made coffee that enables me to write two to three articles in one day for work.

A sip of coffee is a sip of peace to me.

What is coffee to you?

yeah this was stupid but I really wanted to write about coffee bc i want one right now


all the stars, semi


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