the water between us

the water ripples,
disrupting the quiet of the water.
and from the other side,
you call to me.

you say the shadows have caught up to you,
and i answer back in vain.
my chest tightens,
knowing you’re in danger.

i whisper to the water,
to protect you in my stead.
but for an answer,
it just ripples from my breath.

i send my cries and longing
along with the waves,
wishing that somehow
i get to be by your side.

little did i know,
the ripples on my side,
become gigantic waves as they reach you,
tsunami after tsunami of my emotions.

somehow, the water did protect you in my stead
embodying my worry, my love and everything else,
into the waves crashing,
sending the shadows into hiding.

the water ripples
as i whisper my love
and suddenly the water isn’t so bad anymore.
it’s become my love.
between us, protecting us.

all the stars, semi


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