see, the thing about everything…

Unlike Madeline, I won’t hurt you so much as writing a spoiler review but I’d like to drop some thoughts I had after watching the movie a few days ago.

The movie premiered in my country on June 21 but as part of the media team of the company I’m OJT-ing for, we were given the chance to watch the movie prior to that, the night of June 20, an advance screening in easier terms.

I saw to it that I read the book first before watching the movie so I would have two different reviews of the film. One about the story, which has more to do about the book than the movie, only a matter of how well it was executed, adapting the book to the big screen. Another one is in terms of cinematography and acting, which is sort of a ridiculous peeve I have now, being a media student.

I watched the film with two of my unnies, (sisters in Korean, icydk) Ate Bel and Ate V. Both V and I have read the book before watching, it was only Ate Bel who wanted to watch the movie without knowing what will happen.

Honestly though, I think it’s because I watched the movie with the two of them, two people I haven’t seen for so long and so excited for, so I didn’t feel the movie fully.

Anyway, let’s get to the judging.

Story-wise, which like I said, has more to say about the book rather than the movie, it’s good. It’s fresh for me and quite an easy read. Though normally, with the kind of disease Madeline has, one should initially feel sorry for her, and I did, but somehow, it’s not enough to make me want to cry for her when she couldn’t go out.

Maybe because it’s a concept alien to me–not being able to go outside. I felt for her, so much, while reading. The wordings were really good and I got to a part where I realized just how much I’m taking the world for granted. How much I am actually able to see and experience, against how much others do.

I liked reading it. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop, though I wouldn’t say it’s addicting. But it’s written well enough to have me reading continuously. I also liked the elements of the notebook, and the illustrations–really good.

Most of all, I loved the plot twist. SO MUCH. This is pretty much why I said this was a fresh read for me. Usually, when the characters have some kind of terminal disease, it would always end tragically, whereas with Everything, Everything… Fine, I won’t spoil! I’ll just let that hang until you get to watch or read it. LOL.

Cinematography-wise, it was good as it was lacking in some parts. I was satisfied with the camera angles, the whole color and mood the settings have given the film, yet there were some holes that couldn’t just be filled up.

Acting was somehow…mediocre. Don’t get me wrong, I love Amanda. I adored her as Rue in the Hunger Games. There was also something oddly endearing about the lead guy. Rosa’s character, even though portrayed too differently from the way she was described in the book, still worked really well. The only problem was, there was a tangible stiffness in their acting. Their emotions had a hard time reaching the viewers, or in my case, me.

Allow me just one spoiler that supports this statement. There’s one scene in the book where Olly would teach Madeline how to do handstands when they meet. In the movie, it wasn’t like that at all. They stood in front of each other and talked stiffly and suddenly Madeline said, “I can do handstands.” Then she awkwardly did a handstand and stood up as fast. Talk about awkward…?

There’s that I guess. Add up the fact that I was just too busy making funny 5SOS and KPOP references with Bel and V as we watched.

Suffice it to say I wasn’t able to fully enjoy the movie, like let the emotions take me along the story. But if it was that  good… shouldn’t I be taken, regardless of how distracted I was? Like with the movie Me Before You,  I watched it with a group of friends I am always so loud  with, yet the emotions still took me and our usual fun became tears as the movie took all of us.

All in all, it’s still  a pretty good movie for me. And like always, movie adaptations that completely follow how the story went in the book have a place in my heart.

Everything, Everything gets 3 forevers out of 5.

Catch it in cinemas now and let me know what you think about my review! (meaning, fight me if you think otherwise LOL)

all the stars, semi


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