A Week of Firsts

ooooh, controversial

Oh, you know how I am with experiences. I’m a sucker for firsts: first sights, first tastes, first anythings. This week was full of firsts, in turn, I was full as well: of wonder, awe, excitement about the place I was about to explore.

People always tend to kill my vibe when I talk about having a first job or anything exciting in particular. Apparently, they’re too cool to be excited about simple things. Your girl was never like that. I give into excitement and wonder and simple joys. I allow myself to be happy about things that bring me joy, I make an effort not to let anyone spoil it for me.

Other already working adults always tell me:ย Don’t be too excited about your first job, it’s gonna start to suck pretty soon.

And I understand that. I’ve felt that about school. Every single school year, I’d get excited about going back then grow tired of it almost immediately. Yet I could never stop myself from being excited.

Why stop me from feeling things? Why should I become the hindrance to my own happiness?

I get happy over simple things. It’s a blessing and a curse. Life is short, too short sometimes that when I feel that inexplicable lightness in my heart I see to it I experience it completely, let myself be happy when it wants to be.

This week I started training for my first jobโ€”paid training, of course.

We were toured around the very modern style office, which I’m already loving. We had lectures about the company history and its ideals and as much as other people would bore themselves about stuff like that…I kinda enjoyed it.

Even just by being given my trainee ID made me really happy inside. Being given company lockers and company emails. I was smiling in my mind the whole time.

I struggled a little to write last week because of the schedule I’ve set for myself. I went to school on Wednesday supposedly to process the end of my OJT but some shit had to go down that ended up with me missing a few more papers I need to pass.

Fast forward to today, or tonight, to be exact, I’ll be having my third training day and it’ll be all night to the morning.ย I’m also pretty excited about that.ย The people I’m with are pretty cool, too! I’ve found a few who I eat with and stuff.

Super looking forward to tonight. How about you? Any simple things making you happy recently? Be happy even with the simple things, you owe it to yourself!

all the stars, semi


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