A treat to myself for surviving the first week of graveyard shift at work! Also because I am forever fascinated with all things Korean.

Last Sunday, July 16, was the last day of the Korean Product Festival in the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura, BGC. A week before, I and my Korean-loving friends agreed to go just so we could all finally meet up as a group.

There were supposed to be four of us, but due to weather disturbances, Junice couldn’t make it. That leaves me, Vienna, and Evi. Vienna and I met up first in Ortigas before meeting Evi in SM Aura, who lives in the South so she’s nearer there.

Vienna and I had coffee first because, bro, coffee before anything. Then, a short GRAB ride to SM Aura and our K-Fest adventure ensues.

The first impression, of course, the place was full of Koreans. We were there pretty early, so they were just setting up the stalls and there weren’t many people yet. So, we got to walk around freely, and be loud and say ‘Annyeong haseyo’ to every single person we walk past.

Vienna and Evi kept insisting I was so hyper and loud but, I don’t know, maybe it’s the coffee? HAHAHA. We walked around and looked at all the stalls. As expected, most of them were skin care products—we know how Koreans get with skin care. So meticulous!

Upon further inspection of the contents of my camera, I realized that I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the stalls! (Damn it!) Good thing though, I kept all the brochures and business cards they gave me, so bear with me as I try to show you what I have here.



As soon as you enter the convention center, the K-Mall stall is the first thing you see. Various cosmetics laid on the table and there’s even a model they use the makeup on. Apparently, K-Mall has branches here in the Philippines already but as of now, they specialize in Online Shopping for Cosmetics. Their website, www.kmall.com.ph is where you can find most of their products and I might just get me some Laneige products from them soon! Check them out!


photo from eBayShopKorea



I loved this one. They made us taste a Lotus Root Tea, and it was so good. It was very fresh and cleansing to the pallet. I was telling Vienna and Evi that it sort of tastes like chips, in liquid form. I don’t know how to explain it but yeah, LOL.

Website: http://bobaeherb.co.kr



The girl manning the stall was really pretty and of course, they were serving coffee so I was extra excited. They offer workshops and barista courses where you can be both TESDA accredited if you finish or accredited to be a barista in Korea as well. Their floral blend was so good. It was black coffee, meaning it was bitter and concentrated, but it wasn’t very heavy to the palette at the same time.

Website: www.cookoacademy.com


KCC (Korean Cultural Center)

There was also a free painting booth by the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines where you get to try painting a Lotus using Korean traditional paint and their different varieties of paintbrushes. I had fun, though I’d say it was too easy since we just colored. LOL.


There were street foods as well, some of which we had for lunch.

The one that looks like sushi is Kimbap. Very delicious, probably an 8/10.

The orange one is Ddeokbokki. Spicy! And the pasta thing, I think it’s a rice cake, was very chewy so even just one bowl of that was enough to fill me up. 9/10 because of spiciness.

The one on the left with the stick are the fish cakes. 10/10! Now I know how Kim Bok Joo was able to eat so much of these. Really good!

We had also had Bingsu, which is basically Korean ice cream. It’s flavored shaved ice. We had choco cookie and 10/10 would buy 10 of it because can’t get enough!


Then, there were free tastes for samyeopsal and bulgogi. I ended up buying a serving of uncooked bulgogi to take home so I can let Dad taste. I don’t believe I ever mentioned this here but my Dad loves KDrama and is very fascinated with Korean culture, too. If I had more cash I would’ve taken him here so we could look at the stuff but I just took some home. I had the Beef Bulgogi for dinner. 9/10 because I personally prefer Samgyeopsal more. LOL.

Bulgogi, by the way, is beef marinated in a soy sauce based sauce. There is a pork bulgogi but Koreans prefer marinating it in a spicier based sauce. The samgyeopsal has variations as well depending on their marinates. A plain samgyeopsal is my favorite, with their secret sauce, but the marinated ones, also to die for.

A normal Tupperware of Bulgogi cost me 200 pesos and the samgyeopsal was the same price but to fully enjoy it, you had to buy a separate sauce for the samgyeopsal which is why I bought the bulgogi and decided the samgyeopsal was for next time.

For the skin care, there were towels made from particles or bits of jade, which apparently make your skin smoother even without actual soap. I tried it and my skin did feel softer immediately. There were trashcans that have sensors, traditional Korean safety vaults.

There was also the pillow earphones(?), I don’t know what it was called but a pillow, that has a cord where you can connect your phone and play music from the inside of the pillow. It was such a need for me. The pillow was soft, the guy said it won’t break or damage any component which was inside and it felt so good. Imagine having music come from your pillow. It was vibrating along the music which was very relaxing in terms of playing a very calm bass. I would 10/10 buy if I wasn’t broke.

Of course, if you came here from my Youtube video, you would’ve seen the KPOP dedicated stall in there. There were KPop albums, photo cards, posters but again, too expensive for me and I don’t see myself needing a photo card, like where do I put it LOL.

In every stall we went to, whenever they made us taste something, I would automatically say ‘Mashisseo’ which means delicious and it was fun to see them get surprised that I knew a little Korean. All day I was so hyper and having so much fun being exposed to the culture and the people around me speaking in Korean. It was a lot better because of the company I had, thanks, V and Evi for being my unnies today!

To more festivals and fun times!

I feel like this is one of my more proper type of blog as someone who’d go to fests and conventions, and I’ve learned a lot. Always take pictures. HAHAHAHA. Also, I need a tripod/monopod for my camera. A larger memory space. But in terms of having fun, I think I’ve had just the right amount with me.

How about you? How was your weekend? Having fun lately?

Watch my vlog for this day over HERE.

all the stars, semi


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