MUSINGS | on neutrality

the extremities condemn us, saying that our existence and lack of side, our decision to stand in between is a sin.

they think we walk on a wide road, that the paths we tread are free of obstructions.

they think it’s easy to understand just much and not enough at the same time. to understand enough the differences in opinions but not enough on why there should be a direct and personal opposition.

Personally, I don’t like taking sides. I consider myself as someone who tries to understand both sides in an argument—meaning, yes, I am bad at debates. I always see the reason why the other side exists and I am always in search of compromise.

This probably is a bad thing because that makes me stand in the terrifying tightrope of neutrality. Yeah, literally.

Some extremists say neutrality is a sin. Because by realizing there is good and bad, yet not siding with the good, apparently, automatically makes you a part of the bad. See, this may be right. By standing in between, there can be no change, especially on very controversial issues that tackle our beliefs and our own perspectives that need immediate attention.

Yet in the neutral way of thinking, the good and the bad are not just black and white. It’s a whole spectrum of different shades of gray in an area nobody always seems to acknowledge.

Extremists would say being good should make you hate the bad and disagree or look down on everything it stands for. Yet isn’t it ironic that the good loves to hate, be prejudiced, and be judgmental just to prove their goodness? How is that still good, then?

Of course, the bad will always be bad. Though again, in the neutral way of thinking, they aren’t only bad. They are human beings as well, with their own beliefs, subject to their own decisions and flaws and are made of so much more than just the things that make them bad. I’m not generalizing anyone, saying that even serial killers are good deep inside, but that’s exactly the point—you can never generalize in the neutral way of thinking.

Everyone else, bad or good, has their own story, their own burdens to carry. You can never generalize without stepping on someone else’s beliefs, without invalidating someone else’s situation.

By saying the bad will always be bad, it’s only fair to say and right, that the good isn’t always good. Good has a lot of meaning, though it seems to show only one facet for every person.


You’re good if you do good, but let me ask you, are your intentions as good and pure? If you mean well and want only balance, why do you condemn the neutral? Why do you condemn people who don’t have the same good and pure belief as you do? By being bad to others, how can you consider yourself good?

People would say, it’s because I’m done being good, the bad has to pay. They need to burn! People would say we should not be apologetic anymore to the people who have done us wrong. That there is only a limit to a person’s compassion—that they can be only as kind.

Let me tell you something Martin Luther King, Jr. said that I always take with me wherever I go:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

I know this is a cruel world. I know that, I’ve seen it myself, had my fair share of despair and injustice and my own bullshit. But I think true goodness is when you’re able to forgive and realize that life is too short to be ironically stepping over your own belief of good just to prove a point.

Don’t get my point? Here’s an example: Bullying someone who used to be a bully.

I know a lot of you would say he deserved it but it’s just so hypocritical. You claim to stand against bullying but here you are, sending and posting hate about another human being.

In my perspective, in my belief, you cannot say you’re all for goodness and equality and peace if you’re walking over your own or someone else’s beliefs, regardless of who he stands for.

this was a surprisingly hard post. i’ve started having a hard time of posting my opinion because of neutrality itself—i have my opinion but i don’t want to shout it out because somehow it steps over someone else’s. SEE? BEING NEUTRAL IS HARD. But in my case, I respect the existence of good and bad, how both see the world and how they think against each other. I guess I just really want to express why I am neutral in general.

thanks for always listening to me.

all the stars, semi


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