melodies to stay for

And since my mind is too cramped up with anxieties about obligations and responsibilities for me to think of proper content to write… I’ll let you in on what to do to silence the voices in my head.

Look for new music!

I’m a sucker for alternative indie. Aside from Spotify, I find my favorites by randomly watching “Recommended for you” music videos on Youtube. If you don’t know already, Youtube segregates genres and offers you related music videos on the right sidebar of the site when you watch a music video of a certain genre. These are songs I found from the alternatives.

Billie Eilish – Bellyache

I’ve been listening to this for a week now. The first song of Billie Eilish I heard and I’m IN LOVE. It’s a little too short for a song and the lyrics are kinda too dark. I also love the color scheme of this music video. I love the yellowness, the too blue sky and her hair! Apparently, she also wrote one of the songs off the 13 Reasons Why Soundtrack and that’s the second one on the list.


Billie Eilish – Bored

Blue and White and Dark Gray now. I love the slow, dark and sullen vibe of her music and how she embodies itβ€”the intense yet dead look in her eyes. I’m digging it! I initially planned to add her other song,Β Ocean EyesΒ here but I guess I should just tell you to check her music if you dig this kind of vibe in music.


Aurora – Runaway

I’ve known her for quite a while now but I only know Runaway and Warrior. As far as I remember from when I tried to search her up, even though she looks super young, she’s 20. In terms of voice, probably like Birdy with a darker perspective in terms of songwriting.


Aurora – Warrior

I love this version of Warrior so much. She also explains the meaning of the song at the start which I understand to an extreme extent. You’d also see how eccentric she gets when she sings, the hand movements and her too big eyes. I adore her.


Wet – Deadwater

Wet always had a retro grunge feel for me. Like something off a 90s film, something perfect for a midnight drive. I hope you can feel it too.


Trella – Retreat

I wish for more content from Trella. Her voice is promising, and her music is weirdly uplifting. Her Youtube following is pretty bland but her Spotify plays are off the roof! Give this girl some spotlight y’all!


Lauv – I Like Me Better

I love how the beat drops and also, lyrics! Pretty laidback and something you need just to bring calm sounds to your head.


The Lumineers – Sleep on the Floor

I’ve always been in love with The Lumineers. Ho Hey is always a go to song when I just want to cry (weird, but it is). Sleep on the Floor came and wanted me to cry more. Off their album Cleopatra, I liked Ophelia first but Sleep on the Floor is something I would love forever. Also, the girl in the music video looks like a freckled Ashley Frangipane. I’m in love. I love the spontaneity in the adventure and cried at the end.

I have so much more to share, but I’ll do it next time. For now, I hope you to enjoy these songs the way I do and let’s altogether forget that life is messed up and all we really have are our words and the music that makes it complete.



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