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A part of me would say this is just a filler post—I didn’t want to post consecutively about music, seeing as the one I have in my drafts is an album review and the one I posted last was a Radio 1 Live Lounge compilation—but I’d be fooling myself. To write about these boys makes my heart flutter and that is always a good thing.

So, anyway, what’s been keeping Semi up these days? Actually, the right question should be who’s keeping Semi up these days and the answer to that?

The Broduce 101 boys.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Korea has this one show called Produce 101 where they train 101 idol hopefuls to debut. Season 1 is the one for girls and season 2 is BROduce.

Yep, not just Wanna One—the 11 boys who won but the majority of the trainees in the entire show. Imagine, 101 trainees! Technically, I just got to know and love, say, 30-40 trainees? But still, it was definitely the most Korean boy names and faces I have memorized for a show.

My friends have actually been urging me to watch this show as it aired, around May this year? I was too busy then and was just watching on the sidelines. I only knew like five people back then, the really popular ones; Daniel, Seongwoo, Jihoon, and Daehwi.

This past week I fell so in love with their debut album. So, Wanna One is the boy group that was formed by the 11 best trainees of Produce 101 Season 2 and they debuted just last month and have been slaying the Korean Music Charts ever since.Wanna-One1.jpg

So, also because I’ve finished rewatching Friends and have been looking for new stuff to watch, I decided to watch Broduce and get to know more about the members.

Long story short—hello new biases and new baby boys!!!

Watching has been such fun for me. It was so nice to see what really happens pre-debut to Korean groups. You see the dedication, the greed, the hunger to achieve their dreams. You see just how much effort they put into every stage. How bad it can get and how fulfilling it is to see a trainee improve. I’ve fallen in love with so many people throughout the show; be it because of their determination, their raw talent, or their passion for what they do that they improve what used to be mediocre into show-worthy.

Bae JinYoung (center, kneeling) wouldn’t even look at the judges at the initial evaluation and look at him now slaying CENTER

At the same time that it’s so fulfilling to watch, watching them get closer to their dreams, it’s also heart-breaking. As much as every single one of them deserves to continue, only 11 are bound to debut, only 11 are given the chance.

And those 11, I hold in my heart the closest. Each of them deserved it SO much that I cried when they were all called to be winners. I already knew the lineup, like I said, I already listened to their album and watched the MVs, but seeing them before that, the journey they went through to get to debut—it was the BEST.

There are trainees I fell hard for that I didn’t particularly go crazy for before, like Park Woojin and Bae Jinyoung—the kings of improvement! You can really see the good Broduce did to them and it’s so nice that they’re receiving the love they deserve from fans.

There are also some favorites that didn’t make the cut, and I’m talking about you, Yoo Seonho! This kid, deserved the top 11 I swear, but he was always okay with helping quietly in the sidelines which was why he wasn’t able to shine brighter than he intended to.

To soften the blow, I was made aware that Broduce still opened a lot of doors for the trainees in it, and 2 groups formed by eliminated trainees are already bound to debut! JBJ (just be joyful) and Rainz. Both groups have my other favorites, Kenta, and Yongguk so my heart is in the right place. They’ll get to debut after all!

JBJ (just be joyful) with my favorites Kenta and Yongguk!


This one is RAINZ with Eunki the dance machine, Miracle boy Seonghyuk and K-TIGER Hyunmin

Honestly, there is SO much I want to say about Produce 101 and Wanna One itself but that’s gonna need more words and pages. LOL.


I just wanted to update you on what’s been happening to me and what’s keeping my heart busy. I promise to write another post enumerating my favorite boys, my favorite stages, and the scenes that made me cry so much.

As a parting gift, here’s the music video for Wanna One’s debut track Energetic. PS. THEY ARE ALL MINE LMAO

That’s all as of now. Ciao!



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