the window no one barely sees;


Doesn’t it seem like just a word when you say it? Opportunity. The word itself seemed lightweight, rolling down your tongue so easily.

Effortless. Easy.

Yet the word is packed with a million possibilities locked away from us by a wall. A tall metal impenetrable wall most people call fear.

Imagine life as a hallway, going one straight direction. The safety road. The yellow brick road. You’ll probably think, what’s wrong with taking the yellow brick road? You get to the Emerald City at the end of it. You get to meet Oz. You’re safe and you’re happy to finish the adventure.

Only in the hallway, you don’t realize that there are amazing things that lie outside the wall. That maybe you were not in a road but in a tunnel, leaving your vision focused on one thing when in reality there are 360 degrees of directions you can go to where you can end up in different magical places.

But you don’t know that.

The yellow brick road, the hallway has made you believe the Emerald City is the only way to go. That it is the only way to paradise, that it is the only road you can take to get there.


You rest your heart thinking the hallway was there to keep you safe.

But let me tell you, the walls are only there because you think they’re there. The walls are only there because you want safety and security. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I just hope you realize how much of life you’re missing for wanting safety all the time. How many adventures you are missing from wanting security.

We live for such a short amount of time. Are you fine spending it walking timidly, in a straight line and die at the end of it? Or would you jump that wall, break it down even, and see the rest of the world?

You will not see a fork in the road. You will not see intersections. Because you will see no roads, only a destination.

It does not matter if you go east, doesn’t matter if you west, as long as you’re in the direction of wherever you want to go, or even when you don’t know where to go…you’ll get somewhere.

The yellow brick road is indeed a path to get to the Emerald City. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only way. It doesn’t mean everyone has to take it. In every step, you are offered opportunity, to break through the wall beside you and take that road; take the path no one has taken and venture into the unknown.

Opportunity is offered to everyone at every point in time.To others, it may seem immaterial, or sometimes even an obstacle. It is only a matter of seeing it as an opportunity and swerving away from what you think is the only way to go.

Forward and straight aren’t your only options. The world has a million more possible roads to offer and it’s just a matter of you taking the first step.

Take it.



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