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I just realized that I’ve never posted this album review, even though my Love Yourself review was published months ago.

So, to follow the debut of album reviews in my music category, I give you:


No, no, no. This is not the DJ Khaled in Take It to the Head or the DJ Khaled in The One. This one is Khalid.

Personally, I’m not one to research so bad about an artist even if I love their music. It’s not the kind of love I have with the artists/bands I swoon about and cry over when they hold a concert in my country. As someone who loves music, I am actually—guiltily— the laid back kind.

I’m the kind that knows the words and ad-libs to the song but doesn’t know the full names of each member of the band. I’m the kind that knows every single song on an artist’s tracklist but doesn’t know how old the artist is.

But I don’t think that’s bad. I guess what matters to me more is the music. Too lazy to research, eh.

So, Khalid.

All I know about Khalid is he’s American and he’s a teenager. LOL. Though through my twitter mutuals who follow his socials and retweeted some of his tweets, I found out he’s nineteen turning 20. He’s successfully released an album that rocks me to my core and he’s younger than me? No fair!

Even so, I’m thankful for American Teen. I love it, I can’t even explain! To be honest, I didn’t get into Khalid sooner because I thought his kind of music was rap. You know, the Kendrick Lamar type. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kendrick but rap isn’t my thing.

There are only a handful of records I love from start to finish. In all the other albums I love, there’s always one or two songs I skip whenever I hear it just because, meh, not feeling it. American Teen is one among the handful I love from track one to the last.

It’s a little because each song shares the same theme, almost sounding the same yet not really. Come on, try listening to them and you’ll see.


TRACK 1 – American Teen

There is a hopeful feel in the bassline. Highs in the melody. Calm and clarity in Khalid’s voice. Something about the way he sang teen gives me feels, too. LOL.

Khalid was also able to touch something inside of me with the way he included him and his friends singing American Teen a capella at the end. The carefree, hopeful and happy tone it brought would almost make you anticipate tomorrow. What it has in store for a teen.


TRACK 2 – Young, Dumb and Broke

You high yet?

This song is so trippy good. Considering the message, there’s that strange carefree feel to it again. Like, acknowledging that you’re young, dumb and broke but being completely fine with that.

We still got love to give.



TRACK 3 – Location

I just listened to it while trying to write to get some proper words out but nothing comes. Only how it’s so good. The laziness in Khalid’s voice is so perfect for the beat, the bass, the melody. The riiiide part especially. (I’m dying here!)


TRACK 4 – Another Sad Love Song

There’s that underlying hopeful feel again! It’s the bass line I know. Still, I can’t understand how he was able to make it work with the song itself, considering the meaning with the words.

I loved this one so much. At home, I’d always ask my sister to play this one once I hear that she’s playing Young, Dumb and Broke (her fave).


TRACK 5 – Saved

The hard part always seems to last forever.

I loved that part so much! Also, the intro before that. Maaaan, you can just close your eyes and slowly bop your head to the beat. You’ve probably already felt or noticed what I was saying earlier.

There’s a certain feel in his songs that you can just always notice. Which is why even though there are different melodies and words and meanings, it’s still cohesive.

Conveying feeling through something as trivial as keeping a number saved on a phone; just what an American Teen would do to mean that he’ll always be waiting.


TRACK 6 – Coaster

Roller coasting from my emotions.

This one crept to my heart. I skipped this one for a few times until listening to it was fine, and then I love it. LOL.

The feeling when Khalid sang ‘you weren’t the one for me’, almost kinda breaks my heart.



Boppy. Love the chorus so much.

The hopeful feeling from Coaster evolved into a little more resigned kind of tone, almost inching into the melancholic kind. AH.


TRACK 8 – Let’s Go

Leave your sorrow on the table; pick up your worries and throw them out the window.

Yes, Khalid. Y E S.

Live your life. Please don’t let the fear of making mistakes stop you from living. Also, if you listen to this with your headphones on, please wait ’til the end. Things get trippy good.



I’m sorry, the stupid hopeful bass line is back. But he’s hopeless! Your irony is killing me, Khalid.


TRACK 10 – Cold-Blooded

Listen to Cold-Blooded on Spotify

I think Youtube has taken down audio videos of Cold-Blooded for copyright. Perhaps that’s Khalid’s next MV? LOL.

Anyway, I love this song so much. For once, the sound matched the theme, intensifying the emotion showing the desperation.


TRACK 11 – Winter

Promise, promise, promise, promise, that you’d be my love.

Those stupid major notes making things sound hopeful. Well, fine. This was a hopeful song. I love this.


TRACK 12 – Therapy

That da da da dadadada.

You know what I’m talking about. That makes me melt. I love Khalid.


TRACK 13 – Keep Me

This is my favorite right now!

The words are so lovely, too. Roses were your favorite flower and I couldn’t stand the scent, but if it’s what it takes to put a smile on your face I guess I’ll deal with it.


TRACK 14 – Shot Down

Also a song it took me a while to love. Maybe because it’s by the end, will take me 45 minutes of play time before I can hear this when I listen to American Teen unshuffled LOL.


TRACK 15 – Angels

So soulful! This hurts my heart so much, I don’t know why. The coarseness of Khalid’s voice always gets me.


That wraps it up! I hope you did listen to the songs as we went through each. I hope you were also able to feel the feelings I felt when I did.

All in all, an impressively cohesive record. Khalid’s voice is so gonna take him places. I love the coarseness, the soul and the whole theme he has with his music.

American Teen is something I can listen to on an early morning car ride, on a rainy afternoon as I settled into the couch with warm coffee in my hand or at night when everything is silent. I just love the hopeful/hopeless mix of feelings I get when the words and the melody clash.

R A T I N G : A sure 10 out of 10.

Stream American Teen on Spotify!

This was very fun to write! Hope you join me again next time; also please feel free to comment down any albums you want me to give reviews on!

Ciao for now xx




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