Ah, here we are again.

A blog post about my misadventures as an adult. LOL. Please don’t hate me, I just don’t have anyone to tell the news to. Pitiful, I know.

Yesterday, I received a memo about my regularization. Yaaas, biiiitch! Ya gurl’s a regular employee now! Working her bitch ass off and earning decent MOOLAH!

Sorry, I just like talking ghetto.

Anyhoo, here’s what the first week of January brought me.


At first, I think it’s good. Morning shift would make me feel more like a human being, not a part of the nocturnal species. I requested to be in morning shift to have time to grab coffee after shift, work out at the gym since I’m not that sleepy as opposed to the me after a full night shift.

The Semi after a night shift loathes any kind of bright light. You know how your eyes are used to the darkness after a long day at work, like a normal person working a nine to five shift. Night shift doesn’t have that, even after working long hours, we go home and are exposed to the morning sunlight which gets very overwhelming at times. I get headaches because of it.

Also your eyes are heckin’ droopy and in dire need of sleep even though you slept a full eight hours of sleep the day before to get ready for the night shift. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s just how the human body works. Not getting to sleep when you are biologically supposed to sleep takes a huge toll on me.

That is one of the reasons why I requested to be in the morning shift.

Knowing that the sun is still out, that my favorite coffee shops are open, calms me. As I want that solitude to go back to regularly writing and having some me time, without feeling like with every minute that passes could’ve been time I spend sleeping.

The only morning  schedule available for my team was a 4AM – 1PM spot. I begged my supervisor to give it to me, that I’d want to try and see if I’d be a more productive person if I was put in that kind of timeslot.

I’ve been in the shift for three days as I write this and I have a few opinions about the schedule.

One, me leaving the house at 2 AM to commute makes my dad anxious. He’s walked me to the bus station to work twice in the three nights, saying he doesn’t feel good about me commuting at 2 AM.

Two, it’s hecking humid at 1PM. I go out and commute for two hours or so to get home and when I do, I am so exhausted and mad at the world. It’s so hot and humid and oily!

Three when I get home at around 3 PM. It’s such an awkward time, do I sleep immediately? Or wait for dinner at 6 or 7?

Just those stuff, but since I’m still only 3 days into this: I’m gonna need a little more time to adjust and see what I really feel.


Commute to work was almost just one hour!

I’m not as sleepy!


Lesser night differential (*cries*)

Crappy commute when going home



You read that right!

Would you believe? I’m already six months in my job! A job! Sam has a job and is paying bills! That still takes a ‘lil of my breath away. It’s hard, but also worth it.

Yesterday, my letter of regular appointment came and I stared at the screen for a few seconds more than usual. It just dawned on me.


It feels amazing.


Leave Credits!!!

Additional Allowance!!


Kinda makes it harder to leave the job if ever my passion calls LOL





Along with regularization, comes more job opportunities. When we become tenured agents, we’re now allowed to…let’s say, step up. We can apply for higher positions inside or outside our campaign.


I stumble across our internal ad looking for first impression ambassadors.

First impression ambassadors are TaskUs’ receptionists, for the lack of a better word. But not just a receptionist, of course. They also coordinate with Recruitment. See, a BPO office will always and always have people looking for jobs. You know how they come and go in the business. So TaskUs has this group of people they call the first impression ambassadors who give the applicants a nice  impression on what TaskUs is as a company.

Imagine, meeting people every day, smiling and letting them feel comfortable with the place. Um, yes? That is something I’d love to do!

As of now, I’ve sent a letter of intent to my supervisor, letting him know I’m interested in the post and he’s helping me on the process!

Hopefully my credentials are enough to get me at least an interview!

Wish me luck blogging world!


New job description! New duties!

New environment and new learnings!


I’ll probably need to wear more dresses

I have to leave my main gangsta dudes because I’ll be in a different department altogether.


To let you know, I’m not trying to get the post to get off my current job description. The things I do right now are fun, my schedule is pretty okay. The people I’m working with, some are really, really great, some, not so but I don’t really care. The good outweighs the bad..

With that being said, I guess I could say I’m pretty contented with my job. Wow. But as an individual, growth is crucial!

We need to constantly want to improve and become better. Become something else to be better.

I’m excited, 2018!



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