Yep, still alive

The untimely demise of my laptop, and along with it, my words.

You probably didn’t even notice my inactivity but, oh well, here I am, feeling like I owe you guys an explanation.

Sometime in January, my laptop broke. Right when I finished my review for my first book of 2018. My review survived, but the rest of my stuff, my movies, my files and my photos, gone.

Strangely, I didn’t cry. I wasn’t really using my laptop much, it’s my dad and my sister who hog it all the time. I use it only when I need to edit pictures for my blog posts and when I actually need to type my posts.

One dreadful morning, it just gave up on us.

I didn’t realize quickly enough that that would mean my inactivity here, too. It sucks, of
course. But I’ve been doing my reading, I’m trying to accomplish the things I wrote here that I promised to do. It’s just that the lack of a personal computer stopped me from doing things I usually do on a personal computer, like posting on my blog.

One, I don’t have my usual featured image. I couldn’t edit, I lost my Photoshop. I would hate to break my color scheme and my theme itself.

Two, maybe it’s the childish part of me that requires my own computer to be able to do
proper blogwork. I can’t post stuff on some different computer every time. I don’t know, it’s me being weird, I guess.

I could say I didn’t write much during the two months, stuff was hectic. (Sam’s life is at the same time, boring and hectic. Deal with it.) And now, now that the thoughts are again getting jumbled up in my little brain, I need to open the dam and let the words flood out.

I’ve been reading, watching series and anime, my head is swarming with stuff all the time which almost gives me no time to think about writing but at morning when I lay on my bed, (LOL I work at night so I go to sleep during day time), the only thing I want is to have a laptop, even just a mini one, that I can call mine and pour my soul to. I tried writing, journaling, but my fingers get the best of me. I’d tire after a page and I frickin’ hate my handwriting which just makes me want to throw away the journal across the room.

All-in- all, my mind’s a mess. Pretty much how it’s always been but two to three notches
messier than usual. I don’t know if I’ll be back to posting regularly, but I’ll at least make sure my drafts will be posted. That book review is going to be a blast, I tell you. A bLaSt.

I hope you missed me. Because I missed talking to all of you, despite the radio silence on
y’all’s end.


(As I don’t have a new computer yet, I caved and posted this using my aunt’s computer. I
wrote this during free time at work and I’m pretty sure the featured image will be shitty when I make it at home. I’m still contemplating the idea of having my laptop fixed or just buying a new one, and in that case, what kind of laptop.)


Miss me?

Say yes, please.


featured image from pexels



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