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See, death isnโ€™t what you choose. Most of the time, you don't really want to die. You just want things to change. You just want to rest.


7 Reasons Why โ€™13 Reasons Whyโ€™ ย is Ruined

The comments about it made under prejudiced judgment 13 Reasons Why itself is a critical series. It tackles bullying, depression, teenage suicide. Among the people who have watched it, there are a lot of diverse reactions, disapproving comments and proud ones. Proud ones are the following: โ€œIโ€™m so glad thereโ€™s finally a show that shows… Continue reading 7 Reasons Why โ€™13 Reasons Whyโ€™ is Ruined

let me tell you about the girl

let me tell you about the girl โ€”whose bloodshot eyes still shine because of the smile the sun gives her every sunrise โ€”whose mangled heart still beats with fervor because of the hope that still resides in it โ€”whose bloody hands still write and work because of the same exact blood dripping from it that… Continue reading let me tell you about the girl