square one

I didn't think it would be so soon...


the train ride to adulthood

there is not much time; gather all the laughs, the memories and the photographs. the train is boarding, the smoke dissipating, I hear the whisper of the wind telling us itโ€™s changing. put your youth inside your suitcases, wear adulthood, put on straight faces. show them your tickets, donโ€™t forget any last kisses. we sit… Continue reading the train ride to adulthood

the many facets of one hello

the many facets of one hello: hopeful, with a smile brighter than the sunrise itself, waiting to be answered with one as breathtaking as the sunset. grieving, already dreading the end. for a hello constitutes to the existence of a goodbye. flawed, for is it right to say hello to you still? with the familiarity… Continue reading the many facets of one hello

“someday i will be strong enough.”

but unfortunately, someday is so far away i think i'd reach you first if i try to chase it. someday is farther than the horizon, invisible to the naked eye and as elusive as the sun on an overcast sky. someday is an afterthought, a mere fantasy in the misery i dwell on. someday i… Continue reading “someday i will be strong enough.”

subway trains and you

there's a striking resemblance to what i feel when the subway train comes, and what i feel when you do. a fear. fear of falling down on the rails, just as the train would pass. fear of falling in your arms, of falling in love too fast. an exhilaration. of when the wind of its… Continue reading subway trains and you


it's all static noise now, ever since you left. i stare at the empty space beside me, and my agony couldn't be kept. i screamed and i screamed, and i clawed at my throat, but the noise of your absence couldn't be drowned out. it went on and on; a single, devastating note. - s.c.m.