how i found her

how did you find her? theyโ€™d always ask me.


the train ride to adulthood

there is not much time; gather all the laughs, the memories and the photographs. the train is boarding, the smoke dissipating, I hear the whisper of the wind telling us itโ€™s changing. put your youth inside your suitcases, wear adulthood, put on straight faces. show them your tickets, donโ€™t forget any last kisses. we sit… Continue reading the train ride to adulthood

the many facets of one hello

the many facets of one hello: hopeful, with a smile brighter than the sunrise itself, waiting to be answered with one as breathtaking as the sunset. grieving, already dreading the end. for a hello constitutes to the existence of a goodbye. flawed, for is it right to say hello to you still? with the familiarity… Continue reading the many facets of one hello


  The last page of the book has come, but unlike every other book youโ€™ve read, you donโ€™t feel any remorse. You donโ€™t regret reading through the last few lines, knowing that that one last period will come at the end where words wonโ€™t follow anymore. Instead, you read with ease, with calmness. You sit… Continue reading 366/366