I give up

The scariest part of suicide is that it doesn’t make you fear the pain or oblivion or afterlife, it makes you anticipate it. I wasn’t scared at all about heaven and hell and not living anymore, there was nothing on my mind but the fact that if I step onto the chasm, all my worries would be gone. All the self-loathing, all the agony trapped inside me would just disappear, as would I. But that doesn’t scare me; I want not another second in this world. I want to be gone. To rest, eternally.
I wasn’t sad that I won’t be able to see my friends or my family or see anything anymore, if it meant I would be free from this misery, I’d have stepped from the platform in a blink.
But tonight, even as I was going to do the most selfish thing I would’ve done in my entire life, when finally I thought I’d be doing something for myself and myself only, the people around me threw shit.
“If you’re going to do it, just remember all the things I sacrificed for you.”
Even in the fucking edge, they throw me what I owe them.
So I didn’t do it. I didn’t jump, or stepped from the high platform to fall.
Doesn’t mean I didn’t die, though.
Words hurt more than the sharpest knives, the most destructive bombs and bullets. And tonight, the words killed me.
“I’m not doing this for me,” is my new mantra.
Nothing I’m doing is for my own self anymore. It’s for the people around me who I owe my life to, because apparently, I don’t own it.
They used to say that you’re given obstacles because God is testing your faith and because he knows you can get past it. Tonight I want to tell God that he had overestimated me. I’m not strong enough to handle what he’s given me. I can’t.
I give up.
I’m gone. What’s left is only a vessel supposed to pay back what I owe people. But I’m gone. I’m not here anymore. I’m sorry.


it’s all static noise now,
ever since you left.
i stare at the empty space beside me,
and my agony couldn’t be kept.

i screamed and i screamed,
and i clawed at my throat,
but the noise of your absence couldn’t be drowned out.
it went on and on; a single, devastating note.

– s.c.m.


for when you feel nothing

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she doesn’t cry gently

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you don’t get it

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