square one

I didn't think it would be so soon...


I give up

The scariest part of suicide is that it doesnโ€™t make you fear the pain or oblivion or afterlife, it makes you anticipate it. I wasnโ€™t scared at all about heaven and hell and not living anymore, there was nothing on my mind but the fact that if I step onto the chasm, all my worries… Continue reading I give up


it's all static noise now, ever since you left. i stare at the empty space beside me, and my agony couldn't be kept. i screamed and i screamed, and i clawed at my throat, but the noise of your absence couldn't be drowned out. it went on and on; a single, devastating note. - s.c.m.

for when you feel nothing

Read this when you feel nothing. ย  And by nothing, I mean everything at once. ย  When the walls youโ€™ve slowly built around your fragile heart have been bombarded yet again by the painful words. ย  When you thought you were strong enough to just ignore them, but still, the walls crumble, still, the walls… Continue reading for when you feel nothing

she doesn’t cry gently

she doesn't cry gently, she wasn't fit for those lines in the books, where the girls silently weep, still keeping utmost grace and poise she cries like a child, loud and messy, and in a way, it was more painful to watch, because you can see her ripping to pieces, her cries and sobs like… Continue reading she doesn’t cry gently


she is vicious; always on her toes, she attacks anyone who comes too close she is rabid, she is wild, she's full of wonder like a child she is untamed; she has no rules to follow she doesn't bend around a norm, for the norm is afraid to be swallowed by her ecletic views and… Continue reading she-wolf