THAT is such an unnecessarily huge photo. Anyway…

Yo! It’s Sam, though I playfully call myself Semi and I guess you can, too.

Welcome to the not-so little word of Semi.

This is a place where I hope you can become briefly immortal, reading and trying to understand my sometimes obscure, though usually clear as day thoughts.

I started writing for leisure when I was 16; really indulged myself in this sweet, little, sexy world of words when I was 17 until present. Writing is the same as venting for me, a way where I can relieve myself of some thoughts better left forgotten, which I can’t, into paper and out my mind.

I write about the most random things and I apologize now for some things you might stumble upon here in my blog and know that they are written because of the reason they could be.

Do me a favor and read on. Long live, you.

all the stars, semi


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